Lactation Support

For many mothers, the decision to breast-feed their infants is very satisfying and rewarding. The time spent skin-to-skin feels very special and it is a wonderful bonding experience. Providing the sole nutrient source for the baby is quite an undertaking. But things don’t always go smoothly. Nipples crack and bleed, the baby’s latch may be quite painful, there can’t be many sleepless nights, and milk production may be diminished.

Providing holistic lactation support for our breast-feeding moms means that although giving a bottle of formula may be the easiest thing to do in these situations, it may not be the best overall for the mother and baby. We work with a network of certified lactation consultants who have “seen it all, heard it all, and have done it all” when it comes to lactation issues. We also have some “tricks up our sleeve” to support the mother and baby while awaiting a visit with the lactation consultant. These include certain devices, useful holds, and herbal supplements and creams.

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