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Pimri Pediatrics sets itself apart from other pediatrician offices by offering an intravenous (IV) infusion suite. We have IV hydration fluids on hand such as normal saline and lactated ringer’s solution. We also offer an alternative infusion location for patients who are on chronic IV treatments such as IVIG (intravenous immune globulin) or Rituximab.  Families no longer have to choose between the busy hospital infusion center (such as the Pediatric Outpatient Treatment Center in Mesa) or infusions at home with a home health nurse. Now they have the option of receiving IV treatment’s in a pediatrician’s office.

Dr. Peters personally supervises the infusions and is in the clinic the entire time the infusion is going in. And the patient does not necessarily have to be a patient of Pimri Pediatrics to receive infusions, so long as another licensed physician has written the order and obtained any necessary prior authorizations.  IV medications can be delivered directly to the office, offering added convenience for families with chronically ill children.

Our infusion suite is equipped with infusion chairs, IV pumps, IV poles, and resuscitation equipment and medications, should an emergency arise. Families are encouraged to bring their own entertainment technology for their child.  The bathroom is conveniently located next to the infusion suite.

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