Ear Infections

You may consider ear infections to be just a normal part of childhood, but this not 

necessarily the case. Repeated ear infections may indicate a problem with dysbiosis, 

which is an imbalance of the normal bacteria that resides in the body and overgrowth of 

problematic bacteria. They may also point toward chronic allergies and the subsequent 

sinus drainage down the throat which causes the eustacian tubes to stop draining. 

In my experience, only occasionally is an ear infection actually caused by a bacterial 

infection. More commonly it is from a virus, which do not respond to antibiotics. And 

just because a child’s ear hurts, it does not mean they necessarily have an ear infection. I 

have found that the most common cause of middle ear pain in children is actually from 

fluid that is unable to drain normally through the eustacian tube due to a sore throat. This 

pain can be severe and does not respond well to over-the-counter pain medications since 

it is due to a very tight ear drum. 

If the ear pain is due to a blocked eustacian tube from a viral sore throat (viral 

pharyngitis), then gargling warm salt water may help. Herbs and vitamins with anti-viral 

properties may help as well. Obviously if the cause of the sore throat is allergies, then the 

focus should shift towards alleviating the allergies. This can be done acutely through 

certain herbal supplements such as quercetin. Environmental allergies can also be 

addressed longterm through a treatment called Low Dose Antigen. 

Repeated bacterial ear infections may indicate dysbiosis in the ear and throat and can be 

treated using antibiotics or a direct ozone application. Streptococcus salivarius K12 is a 

probiotic which has shown to bring the normal flora bacteria into balance and decrease 

the frequency and severity of ear infections when taken daily. (It also shows a strong 

action against pharyngitis and cavities in the teeth.)

In summary, ear infections do not have to be a part of childhood. There are several 

options available for treatment depending on the cause. 

 Doctor using an ophthalmoscope to examen a girl’s ear

Doctor using an ophthalmoscope to examen a girl’s ear