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Our motto is “a modern approach to pediatrics.” What we mean is we have several key differences compared to what you find in most other pediatric practices these days.

At Pimri Pediatrics, we recognize that parents know their child the best. This sets the basis for a partnership between the parent and the pediatrician, who are both focused on the same thing: the health and well-being of the child.

Parents are often frustrated and confused after sifting through conflicting data and information they read on the Internet or hear from friends. We provide the opportunity to discuss openly different viewpoints without fear of judgment or ridicule. We encourage parents to bring copies of information they’ve read online or in books for discussion.

Scientifically-based and unbiased information is provided so the parents can make informed decisions which they feel is in their child’s best interest. When there are conflicting schools of thought on a topic or procedure, both are discussed with the family.

We have set our schedule to allow ample time during appointments for parents to ask questions and so the pediatrician does not have to perform a hurried exam. At Pimri Pediatrics we do not schedule 5, 10, or even 15 minute appointments or double-book appointments. This allows for a much calmer pace in the office, which patients, parents, and staff appreciate. It also encourages answering those “oh I just remembered” or “I most forgot” questions which typically come up at the end of the visit. Given the longer appointment times and having space for parents to talk freely, they often say that it is the first time they truly felt heard by the doctor.

Whenever possible, a variety of options are presented for parents on how to care for their child. Then it is up to the parent to decide which route they feel is in their child’s best interest. As a result of Dr. Nic’s extensive training in nutrition, functional medicine, and integrative medicine, he offers families options for seeking optimum wellness for the child rather than solely a pharmaceutical or surgical approach. For example, it is perfectly reasonable to use a “wait-and-see” approach for a viral respiratory illness. However, some parents prefer to take specific vitamins and supplements in the hopes of getting their child better faster. Still others align themselves with a homeopathic approach to these illnesses or utilize essential oils. As for chronic ear infections, some parents wish for ear tubes to be placed as soon as possible while others are open to try probiotics and modifying the diet. Alternatively, some are open to having their child see a vetted pediatric chiropractor. ADHD is often a concern of parents. Some may wish to jump immediately into stimulant medication. Others would like to try targeted nutritional supplements and/or dietary and lifestyle modification first. Whatever options are presented, they are scientifically studied, the safest possible and effective, and are backed by Dr. Nic’s extensive clinical experience.

As you can tell we are very proud of our “modern approach to pediatrics” and wish all pediatricians followed this same philosophy. At Pimri Pediatrics, you and your child are not a number or dollar sign. We consider you like family and treat you the same as we would our own family. Contact us if you’d like to join the Pimri Pediatrics family.

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